The PathoSpotter project emerged through the desire and enthusiasm of the pathologist Dr. Washington Luís, from the Oswald Cruz Foundation in Brazil, for improving the clinical-pathological diagnoses for renal diseases. In 2014, Dr. Washington met Dr. Angelo Duarte from State University of Feira de Santana (Brazil) and both start the building of the project PathoSpotter. In the beginning, Pathospotter aimed to assist pathologists in the identification of glomerular lesions from kidney biopsies. As the work evolved, the aim shifted to make large-scale correlations of lesions with clinical and historical data of patients, to enlarge the knowledge in kidney pathology. Currently, the project Pathospotter intends to offer computational tools to: (i) Facilitate the consensus of clinicians and pathologists, helping to achieve more accurate and faster diagnoses; (ii) Facilitate large-scale clinical-pathological correlations studies; (iii) Help pathologists and students in classifying lesions in kidney biopsies. Check our site here.